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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Answer Key for Unit 1 Review.

There were a few questions where the pictures didn't show up.  questions 9 & 15.  Otherwise, here are the answers.

  1. ANS: B
  2. ANS: D
  3. ANS: C
  4. ANS: B
  5. ANS: C
  6. ANS: D
  7. ANS: C
  8. ANS: D
  9. ANS: C
  10. ANS: B
  11. ANS: A
  12. ANS: C
  13. ANS: A
  14. ANS: C
  15. ANS: C
  16. ANS: B
  17. ANS: A
  18. ANS: B
  19. ANS: C
  20. ANS: B
  21. ANS: B
  22. ANS: D
  23. ANS: A 
  24. ANS: C 
  25. ANS: D 

Ecological Footprint

You can use the following link to find out some info on largest and smallest ecological footprint.

Here is a visual link for largest footprint