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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Quiz Review

Today we are:  Reviewing for our topic 1-2 quiz
I will: review states of matter
I will: review classification of matter
I will: review solutions
I can: identify unsaturated, saturated, supersaturated on a solubility chart
I can: classify matter based on its states
I can: classify matter based on its composition.

1.  If you didn't complete the questionnaire from Friday, do this first. (I CHECKED AND NOBODY HAS DONE IT YET)

2.  I have emailed your results for the past questionnaires.  Have a look to see if you need to seem me for help.  Remember, it's OK if you didn't do as well on the second one, you could have different answers than what is marked as correct.

3.  Go on to the review assignment here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sci.8 - Assignment List:Matter ( HW )

Matter & Mixtures                                 

questionnaire States of Matter.
questionnaire Classification of Matter
questionnaire Solutions
questionnaire Solubility Chart

Quiz 1

questionnaire - viscosity, density & density calculations

Quiz 2

questionnaire - buoyancy
questionnaire - fluid pressure
questionnaire - fluid systems

Unit Exam


Notes - Matter:  3 states of Matter [S,L,G]
Notes - Matter: (changes of states) [melting, etc.]
Notes - Classification: Pure Substances, Hetero/Homogeneous  [mechanical/solutions]
Lab -  Classification Examples (pictures of different matter)
Lab -  Hot and Cold (google doc)
Lab - Crystals (pictures of crystals)
Notes - Solutions
Lab - Elephant Toothpaste (Pictures)
Notes - Viscosity
Lab - Filtering Pictures (sawdust, dirt, bb's etc.)
Lab - Flow Rate Graph
Notes - Density
Lab - Density Tower (Pictures)

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Lab Hot and Cold

Today we are:  looking at how temperature affects mixtures.
I will: see how hot and cold temperatures affect mixing of solutions
I will: create a lab report of my data
I can: explain the effects of hot and cold temperatures on solutions
I can: work collaboratively on a document

1.  Lets get in our lab groups and go over what we are doing.

2.  Off to the lab to complete our activity.

3.  Go to google drive and make a copy of this document.  Click file --> make a copy.  Share it with only your group members.  You will need their google drive email addresses.

4.  As a group, complete the lab.  You need to just do the parts labelled in RED.

5.  Share the copied document back to me.  Use my email on the board.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Lab Matter Classification

Today we are:  Doing a lab on the classification of matter
I will: see examples of the different classifications of matter
I will: label my examples
I can: identify matter based on it's classification

1.  Lets go into the lab and see some examples of the different classification of matter.

2.  Using evernote, please label your examples.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sci.8 - Matter:Topic 1 States of Matter 2

Today we are:  learning about the 3 states of matter
I will: review that matter exists as a solid, liquid or gas.  I will review how matter can change between states.
I can: state the 3 kinds of matter
I can: recall the terms to move from one state of matter to another

1.  We will be going into the lab to review

2.  Complete this questionnaire.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 8 Enrichment

Today we are:  learning about the electromagnetic spectrum
I will: learn that light is just one part of the EM spectrum
I can: see how there is more to understanding light than what I have learned so far.

1.  We are going to look at the website Physics 2000.  You will need to use a Java enabled browser.

2.  When done we will look at what we can do on Moodle to review for our test.

4.  Complete this questionnaire on waves.

5.  When done, you need to make sure you are caught up so you don't have friday school.  In particular, some of you need to work on your notes.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 7 Wave model of Light

Today we are:  learning about how light can be represented by waves
I will: learn that waves have specific properties and descriptions
I can: use the correct terms to describe waves of light
I can: model a wave of light reflecting or refracting.

1.  We are going to head to the lab and then the student gathering area to look at light as a wave.

2.  Watch this please. When done, login to Moodle and tell me how this improved or enhanced your understanding of lightbulbs.

3.  We learned  about colours.  Complete the questionnaire on colour

4.  Work in your Pods and learn how this new setup will work.

5.  When done, you can study; lenses, eye parts and eye vs. camera for your quiz Monday.

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 4&5 Quiz

Today we are:  Writing our Quiz
I will: demonstrate my knowledge on topics 4&5
I can: explain the human eye and compare it to a camera
I can: explain how lenses work.
I can: explain the difference between telescopes, binoculars and microscopes.

1.  We are going to write our quiz today on Moodle.   Login and complete the Topic 4&5 quiz.

2.  We will be going over some notes on light and waves.  You will need to grab your clickers.

3.  We will now make notes using Evernote.  Make sure you include information on;wavelength, crest, trough, amplitude and frequency.