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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Science 7: Heat & Temperature Quiz Review

Here are some vocabulary practice links

flash cards


word list

Here are the links to all the Kahoots we did.  These are excellent reviews for the exam!

States of Matter and Energy

States of Matter and Terminology

Heat and Temperature

Science 8: Cells & Systems Quiz Practice

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Science 8: Exam Prep Redo

These are Kahoot Challenges.  Try These!

Sci8: Vocabulary - Matter & Mixture 1-10
challenge PIN: 0442099

Sci8: Matter - States of Matter
challenge PIN: 0137028

Sci8: Matter - States of Matter&Phase Changes
challenge PIN: 0295993

Sci8: Classifying Matter
challenge PIN: 0641779

Sci8: Vocabulary - Matter & Mixture 1-20
challenge PIN: 0723472

Sci8: Matter - Solubility Graphs
challenge PIN: 0659514

Sci8: Matter - Solutions
challenge PIN: 0115668

Monday, April 3, 2017

Math 10C Radicals & Exponents

I have a few things here for you to use as practice, but don't forget that you can redo any canvas practice as well.

Multiple Choice

Prime Factoring
Greatest Common Factor
Lowest Common Multiple
Mixed & Entire Radicals
Exponents & Powers
Exponent Law 1
Exponent Law 2 Negatives 
Exponent Law 2 Fractions

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Math 10C Exam Review

There are lot's of resources on Canvas.  In addition, here are the Kahoots we did

Measurement:  High/Low
Measurement: Feasible Answer
Trig: Trig Function
Trig: Label sides
Trig: Trig Ratios