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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Hydraulic & Pneumatics Project

Today we are: starting our unit project
I will: build a structure that will use hydraulics or pneumatics
I can: use an example from the internet to begin my project.

1.  Let's look at some examples.  Type in make hydraulic claw into the internet.

2.  Now we will look at the list of supplies you will be given.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Unit Review

Today we are: Reviewing and learning about where to go to review.
I will: Review the key topics
I can: classify matter by states
I can: classify matter by composition
I can: describe solutions and their components and properties
I can: explain viscosity and density
I can: calculate density, mass and volume for different matter
I can: explain density and buoyancy

1.  Let's review as a class to start.

2.  Now we will look at the last topic we covered.  You have a questionnaire here to complete.

3.  Lastly, lets look at what we can use to study or prepare for the exam.
          Use the vocabulary words as a starting point.
          Moodle has lots of different reviews for you to look at.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 4: Flow Rate Lab

Today we are:  Experimenting with Viscosity and Flow Rate
I will: learn how viscosity affects flow rate.
I can: collect data and create a bar graph of the data.
I can: adapt an experiment to create different results.
I can: relate the data to my current understanding.

1.  Let's go to the lab and experiment with flow rate.

2.  When you are done, make a data table that shows the results of the experiment.  They should include materials and distance travelled.