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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brick Animation 05: Ease in and Ease out

Today we are: learning how create smooth actions
I will: learn how use ease in and ease out
I can: using varying motion to create smooth actions

We now want to look at how to improve your animation.  This is the ideas of easing in and easing out.

1.  Ease in/Ease out is the process of varying the amount of motion.  Watch this video below to get a better understanding.

Here is a sample of a punch

2.  Now try to create something similar.  Bring your SD card when done so we can download your images to make a video.

PROJECT: 10 - 15 seconds of filming demonstrating ease in/ease out.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Brick Animation 03: Camera Tips & Tricks

Today we are: learning camera tricks to improve filming
I will: learn how to make adjustments to my filming to improve the final product
I can: stabilize the camera
I can: use techniques to pan or zoom in.
I can: apply the rule of thirds to my filming.

Good camera work is important.  Here are some pointers to improve your filming.

1.  Now let's try it ourselves.  Try to film a sequence of walking or running and upload it to youtube.

2.  Lastly, if you have time later, you can watch this film.  It's a good intro to the whole idea of Brick Films.

PROJECT: This is still your first upload.  It doesn't matter how long or what you are filming.

Brick Animation 02:Uploading

Today we are: learning how upload our work to Youtube
I will: learn how to upload our work to Youtube
I can: use the stirlinglego login and add our videos to the channel

One of the first things we need to do is upload to youtube so we can look at our work and share it.

1.  Complete your first project and save it to you camera roll.

2.  Go into photos

3.  Find your video and click on it.

4. Click the upload button in the top right.

5.  Add a description and title.  Include your group name in the title.  Eg.  TDK: project 1.

6.  Upload using the Stirling LEGO login and password.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Math 10C: Week 16 - Catch Up and Review

This week we are: Catching up on the Last Unit and then Reviewing for the Final Exam

I will: solve for linear systems using graphical analysis
I willsolve for linear systems using the substitution method
I willsolve for linear systems using the elimination method
I willdefine linear systems as solvable, unsolvable and infinite solutions
I willdetermine which method works best for me.

I can: graph 2 linear equations and find the point of intercept
I can: substitute and equation for x or y and solve for the other unknown
I can: eliminate a variable by multiplying an equation or two equations by a common factor
I can: determine how many solutions exist when looking at two linear equations, either by assessing the existing equation or by modifying it.


1.  For any student who didn't finish up before Christmas, we are reviewing unit 6 and writing our test on Wednesday


1.  For any student who didn't finish up before Christmas, we are reviewing unit 6 and writing our test on Wednesday


1.  Unit 6 Exam, round 2

1.  Handout final course summary.  
2.  Review Unit 1 Metric/Imperial Conversions


1.  Review Unit 1 Surface Area and Volume Calculations.