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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Science 6 Sub Wed-Fri


Here are the 2 videos on making tumbleweed gliders.

Here is a link to a pdf version showing how to make these

Science 7 Sub Wed-Fri

They are to write about what they saw in the video, the story of stuff here is a link to that video if they forgot.

Also here is the link to the ecological footprint calculator.

and the list of largest and smallest ecological footprints.

Make sure you click on the more information button after you complete the footprint activity to find out your hectare and not just your # of Earth's data.

Science 8 Sub Wed-Fri


Here is the link to the Kahoot for the day

"Sol" Words

if you have enough time, you can do this one as well.

Vocabulary [1-20]

If you need something to do, here are the Kahoots

States of Matter & Phase Changes

States of Matter

Classifying Matter (with H words)