Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 5: Density

Today we are:  Learning about Density
I will: define density and differentiate matter based on this property
I can: define density
I can: differentiate between very dense and not dense matter
I can: calculate density, mass and volume using the formula.

1.  Let's see what we understand about density.  We will define density and look at the variables related to it.  We will do some practice work related to determining density and the Triangle of Truth.

2.  We will look at a density tower and mention how we will try to do it Friday.  I will assign groups and you will need to bring some stuff to make your own.

3.  To learn about Density some more, you can watch this video or an example of a density tower here.  You also might remember A Story of Archimedes and the Gold Crown.

5.  Make some notes.  They must (1) define density, (2) include the formula for density [Density = Mass/Volume] (3) the triangle of truth and (4) four examples of different densities.  Compare two different states as well.  For example, two solids and two liquids.


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