Thursday, June 5, 2014

Science 8: Meet the Professor

Today we are: getting the opportunity to prepare questions for our google chat
I will: come up with a question to ask Dr. Orr, related to fresh and salt water.
I can: review his websites for more information about him.
I can: come up with a question that I find interesting.

1.  Complete your topic 5 Sheet.  It is due Monday.

2.  We've been following the voyage of the boat IO from Canada to the French Polynesians.  Explore the trip some more.

You can look at earlier stuff, 2009, which covers Canada and the Queen Charlotte Islands

The beginning of the Trip
The middle of the trip
The end of the Trip

or some posts we already looked at.

     and now the sharks
     let's look at food webs
     animals i met and age.  Part II

or explore his current site, based out of Nova Scotia, Ocean Cowboy.

3.  Think of 1 or 2 questions you would like to ask Dr. Orr and put them on a sticky.
4.  If you finish this, then you can start the topic 6 sheet.


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