Sunday, February 7, 2016

Brick Animation 07: Dialogue and Conversation

Today we are: Learning how to do a conversation.
I will: create a scene where two LEGO figures talk.
I can: select a camera angle to use
I can: alternate shot views to match the conversation.
I can: share the completed project with Mr. Iwaasa

Today we are learning how to use dialogue to extend our filming and build interest in our story.

While this is not Brick Animation it highlights some key ideas.

Watch this clip and watch how simple the filming is for the conversation between the robot and the main character.

Remember that you can use different camera angles to create interest and excitement.

1.  Pick simple scene to shoot
2.  film a dialogue between two characters.
3.  Shoot your scene,using at least 2 angles.
4.  Add effects and voices.
5.  Upload your movie so Mr. I can share your work.
6.  Good Luck!

PROJECT: 20 - 30 seconds of filming with at least 2 angles used.


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