Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Science8: Cells & Systems Exam Prep

Here are the Kahoots we did.

Osmosis and Diffusion

A cell is Like

Parts of  a Cell

Parts of a Microscope

Here are the Key points from our Unit.

1.0 Characteristics of Living Things
They are made of cells, require energy, grow and develop, respond to their surroundings,
reproduce and have adaptations to survive
All organisms have structures which perform specific life functions
Animals have organs and different organs that work together to perform a common function
are organized into organ systems

2.0 Cells play a vital role
􀂙       A Microscope is a scientific tool used to see very small structures
􀂙      􀂙 The cell is the basic unit of life - all organisms have at least one cell
􀂙      􀂙 Structures in cells are called organelles which carry out specific life functions
􀂙      􀂙 Organisms can be single celled or multi-celled
􀂙􀂙       Substances move in and out of cells by diffusion and osmosis
􀂙 􀂙      All cells have a selectively permeable membrane
􀂙􀂙       Cells form tissue (four types – connective, epithelial, nervous and muscular), tissue forms
􀂙      organs and organs work together to make organ systems

3.0 Healthy Human Body Systems
􀂙 􀂙      Digestive System, Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Excretory System, Nervous
􀂙       System
4.0 Scientific investigation and Medical Applications
􀂙 􀂙      Research to improve understanding of what causes diseases
􀂙 􀂙      Health is affected by a number of factors which can lead to poor health of cells, organs and
􀂙      organ systems

itallics are tested at a lower level than the first two key points


These are very helpful indeed. It help me remember things that I usually used to miss out or forget. Nice effort here Mark. Share more stuff.

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