Friday, January 22, 2021

Science 8: Cells & Systems Exam Prep

Here are the Kahoots and Quizlets we did.

Characteristics of Life

Osmosis and Diffusion

A cell is Like (this is based on student presentations from last year.)

Parts of  a Cell

Basic Cell Organelles

Parts of a Microscope

Microscope Jumble!

Body Systems


Cells Parts & Microscopes

Cells & Systems Vocabulary

Here are the key points from our Unit.

1. Characteristics of Living Things
- They are made of cells, require energy, grow and develop, respond to their surroundings, reproduce and have adaptations to survive
- All organisms have structures that perform specific life functions
- Animals have organs and different organs that work together to perform a common function are organized into organ systems

2. Cells play a vital role in Life
- A Microscope is a scientific tool used to see very small structures
- The cell is the basic unit of life - all organisms have at least one cell
- Structures in cells are called organelles which carry out specific life functions
- Organisms can be single-celled or multi-celled
- Substances move in and out of cells by diffusion and osmosis
- All cells have a selectively permeable membrane vs permeable or impermeable
- Cells organize into a tissue, then tissue forms organs and organs work together to make organ systems

3. Healthy Human Body Systems
Digestive System, Circulatory System & Respiratory System

italics are tested at a lower level than the first two key points


These are very helpful indeed. It help me remember things that I usually used to miss out or forget. Nice effort here Mark. Share more stuff.

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