Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Register as a Parent for Canvas

If you want to see what your kid is doing in class, you can observe what they do.  All their assignments with answer keys, practice formative quizzes and my comments on their work is available to you!   If your interested follow the information below


Student first

Have your kid login into canvas and click on their account, then "Settings"

On the right side near the bottom is a button labeled pair with observer.  Have them click this.

This will generate your code to see your kid specifically.

Parent second

Now you can go to the following site 

Click the parents sign up here and complete the following form.

That's it!  Now in the future you can login to https://canvas.instructure.com/   and see their activity and assignments.  I will make sure to reference where we are in the course to help you navigate the online resource.  

I will create a video in the near future to walk you through the main features of Canvas.



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