Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Thursday Sub Plans

 Chemistry 20

Read over the following Notes on Acids and Bases

Acid Base Notes When done you can work on the Acid/Base intro sheet or your solutions lab.

Science 8

Watch the following 2 videos


Potential & Kinetic Energy (Don't worry about the math portion of the video)

Here is the notes on the topics with a video on perpetual motion

Science 6

Watch the following video on Dichotomous keys and then work on the assignment as a table group.

Science 7

Use the textbooks to answer questions on the second handout.


The day proceeded as planned. Thank you for making it so easy for me to show the videos and take attendance. Science is my specialty and I appreciate being able to sub in your classes. Students were respectful, helpful and cooperative. In Science 6, Mateo and Jeff became disruptive and were not willing to listen enough to understand what to do for the assignment. I consulted Mr. Schaufele and he had Mateo come to his office and said just to ignore Jeff. It was a very good day. Please ask for me again.
James Ackroyd

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