Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Wednesday Sub Plans


Students have things to work on.  Will and Danika are free to go as they are over 80%, but can still say and improve assignments if they want.

Remind the students they only have a few days left to catch up.  I have sent a few emails out for those that are really far behind.  They should try and catch up so they can pass the class.

Science 7

Here are a Couple of Blookets to Play.

Sci7: Symbiosis, Food Chains, Food Webs & Pyramids

Sci7: biotic/abiotic & succession

After you have played these a few times, have the students find the final review on my website.  They should then spend a few minutes trying either the Kahoot or Quizlet to practice accessing the resources available to them.  The kids should be able to direct you on the style of game to host.

Chemistry 20

Here are a Couple of Blookets to Play.  They have done the first two before, but the last one is new.

Chem20 - VSEPR & Electronegativity

Chem20 - Lewis Diagrams

After you have played these each for approx. 7-10 minutes each, students can work on their own for review.  We will be starting Unit 2 tomorrow.  I have 2 students who are redoing a quiz.  I will text you the access code.  I also have a student who wants to redo a lab.  The lab is setup in the lab.

Science 6

I am not sure who will be here since they decided to run track again at the last minute.  Here are a Couple of Blookets to Play for whoever shows up.

Sci6 - PAT Space

Sci6 - Investigation

Play them for about 7 minutes each.  The PAT ones are better for games like Tower Defense.


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