Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sci.8 - Assignment List:Matter ( HW )

Matter & Mixtures                                 

questionnaire States of Matter.
questionnaire Classification of Matter
questionnaire Solutions
questionnaire Solubility Chart

Quiz 1

questionnaire - viscosity, density & density calculations

Quiz 2

questionnaire - buoyancy
questionnaire - fluid pressure
questionnaire - fluid systems

Unit Exam


Notes - Matter:  3 states of Matter [S,L,G]
Notes - Matter: (changes of states) [melting, etc.]
Notes - Classification: Pure Substances, Hetero/Homogeneous  [mechanical/solutions]
Lab -  Classification Examples (pictures of different matter)
Lab -  Hot and Cold (google doc)
Lab - Crystals (pictures of crystals)
Notes - Solutions
Lab - Elephant Toothpaste (Pictures)
Notes - Viscosity
Lab - Filtering Pictures (sawdust, dirt, bb's etc.)
Lab - Flow Rate Graph
Notes - Density
Lab - Density Tower (Pictures)


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