Monday, March 31, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Quiz Review

Today we are:  Reviewing for our topic 1-2 quiz
I will: review states of matter
I will: review classification of matter
I will: review solutions
I can: identify unsaturated, saturated, supersaturated on a solubility chart
I can: classify matter based on its states
I can: classify matter based on its composition.

1.  If you didn't complete the questionnaire from Friday, do this first. (I CHECKED AND NOBODY HAS DONE IT YET)

2.  I have emailed your results for the past questionnaires.  Have a look to see if you need to seem me for help.  Remember, it's OK if you didn't do as well on the second one, you could have different answers than what is marked as correct.

3.  Go on to the review assignment here.


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