Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Brick Animation 02: Import Settings

Today we are: learning how import pictures to make a video
I will: learn how to use quicktime 7 to import an image sequence
I can: set the focus to manual, adjust the iso, white balance, image size, f-stop and shutter speed.

1.  To import a sequence of pictures, we will need to use some software.  The easiest way is to use quicktime pro 7.  You can find it here.

2.  Once you have it on your computer, double click and to open the program.  Now follow these easy steps.
     i.  Click File --> Open Image Sequence
     ii.  Navigate to your folder that contains your pictures and click on the first picture you took.
(You need to delete any pictures you don't want first.)
     iii.  Select the # of frames per second.  Try 15.

3.  Let's see how this works using your pictures from last class!  Let's have someone from each group come up and follow the 3 easy steps.

4.  Now let's try again and make it better.  Here are a few helpful tips.

PROJECT: 5 - 10 seconds of filming, better than last time.  YOU CAN DO IT!


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