Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 18: Science 8 Reflection & Refraction

This week we are: Learning about the properties of reflection & refraction.  This will include the law or reflection and the properties of light, related to refraction
I will describe the parts of a reflection diagram and understand the relationships
I will describe the ways light changes as it travels from materials of different density

I can: label a reflection diagram
I can: differentiate between reflected and incident rays
I can: determine the change in angle for refracted light
I can: understand the relationship between speed and density, related to light

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  We will review our responses for light and material properties (opaque, translucent, transparent)
3.  Introduction videos for reflection. & Demo in the Science Lab.
4.  Practice on whiteboard.
5.  Work on Reflection Practice 1 Here.

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Laser Light Lab.  Shoot, Reflect & Destroy!

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Theme 5

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Today we are demoing REFRACTION!  Cool Stuff.  Off to the Hallway we go.
3.  Can we model what light does at it travels from less dense to more dense matter?

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Let's review from yesterday.
3.  Complete the Refraction 1 Activity.  
4.  Feel free to work ahead on Refraction 2 or Catch up on late assignments.


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