Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13: Science 8 Cells & Microsopes.

This week we are: Reviewing the basic needs of cells and learning about the microsocope.
I will describe the 5 basic needs of living things
I will describe the parts of a microscope and their functions

I can: label a microscope
I can: list the 5 basic needs and explain their significance. 

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Complete your work on the Microscope.

1.  Go to your classroom.
2.  Complete your work on the Microscope magnification.
3.  Put your Poster on the Bulletin Board in the front/left side of the classroom.
4.  Explain your reasoning for why you used the pictures that you did for each category.

1.  Continue poster presentations.
2.  Introduction to the Microscope.  Students will go over the parts of a microscope and look at prepared slides.

1.  Continuation of the introduction to the microsope.
2.  Introduction to the parts of a cell.  Students will learn about the cell and it's basic parts.

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