Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 10: Physics Dynamics and Newtons Laws

This week we are: completing lessons 23-26 
I will: learn Newtons 3 Laws
I willcalculate force values with and without friction
I will: draw free body diagrams and calculate values from them
I canexplain inertia and newtons 1st law
I cancalculate newtons 2nd law
I candraw free body diagrams and calculate values from them with or without friction

1.  Review Exam quickly and suggest tutorial for those wanting help.
2.  Review free body diagrams, both 1D and 2D.
3.  Lesson 23.  Newtons 1st Law

1.  Lesson 24.  Newtons 2nd Law
2.  Formative Assessment on 1st Law
2.  HW assignment for newtons 2nd Law

1.  Formative assessment on 2nd Law2
2.  Lesson 25 Newtons 3rd Law
     2nd Class
3.  Handout on Newtons 3rd Law.

1.  Formative Assessment on Newtons 3rd Law
2.  Lesson 26.  Friction


1.  Review of basics before the introduction of incline plane.
2.  Review assignment for quiz.


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