Monday, January 13, 2014

U1.T1.Let's Try again and Practice Quiz

Today we are:  Collaborating and learning how to take a Moodle Quiz
We will: Learn how to work together on one document and take a quiz

I will show you I understand: completing the document in the correct group as well as completing the moodle practice quiz

1.  Watch this please.  When done, login to Moodle and make a blog posting.

2.  LETS TRY AGAIN......  I have shared a document with you.  It's a group document, with each of you listed in a group.  Open that document and complete the task outlined in it. REMEMBER.  I can track if you add or delete stuff, if you make poor choices, there will be consequences.

3.  I have shared your TODO list. Many of you didn't indicate that you had finished your work.  I will see you in tutorial if you aren't done.  Please indicate you are finished on your TODO list.

4.  You are going to take a practice moodle quiz.  The questions are just for fun, so have fun!


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