Monday, February 10, 2014

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 4 The Eye Notes

Today we are:  making notes on the eye
I will: learn how to markup a document
I can: insert pictures I took into my notes
I can: draw on these pictures
I can: recall the 3 parts observed in the dissection.

1.  Watch this please. When done, login to Moodle and make a blog posting.

2.  We need to insert the pictures we took from the lab on Friday into our notes.  Please share the pictures with your lab members.  You can email, share a google doc airdrop or any other way you know to get the pictures to each other.

3.  Insert the pictures you took into your Evernote Document that has the labelled diagram on it.

4.  Label the retina, lens and iris on each picture (you should have 3).  Use the markup tool.  I will show you how here in this video.  It will be a bit different on the ipads, so you might have to explore a bit.


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