Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 4

Today we are:  Reviewing the Lab activity and Topic 4
I will: understand how lenses move light
I can: differentiate between converging and diverging lenses
I can: define concave and convex lenses
I can: explain near and far sightedness

1.  Watch this please. When done, login to Moodle and make a blog posting.

2.  Lets go back into the lab and review the lens activity and discuss concave and convex lenses as well as converging and diverging lenses.

2.  I want you to explain the difference between near and far sightedness.  Put your information into one of the following. (evernote, google keep or google doc).  You will need to create an account and learn how to use a new program.

3.  Complete this questionnaire.


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