Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sci.8 - Light:Topic 6 Colours

Today we are:  learning about how light is made up of different colours and their properties
I will: learn that white light is made up of ROYGBIV and they each have unique properties.
I can: name the colours of the rainbow
I can: explain 3 property differences between the colours

1.  Watch this please. When done, login to Moodle and tell me how this improved or enhanced your understanding of lightbulbs.

2.  We need to learn about colours.  We will go to the lab and look at some examples; prisms, spectrum glasses and redshift.  If you are interested, here is how it relates to some cool space science.

3.  In the class we will learn about rods and cones, colour blindness and absorption and reflection of light.

4.  Review understanding and Evernote sharing.  Also check about what we should have for notes.

5.  Make some notes in Evernote that describe light colours.

6.  Share your notes with Mr. I.  He will show you how to do this.


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