Monday, October 5, 2015

Science 8: Week 6 - Matter & Mixtures:Topic 1 States of Matter

Today we are:  learning about the 3 states of matter
I will: learn that matter exists as a solid, liquid or gas.  I will make notes on the different states of matter.
I can: state the 3 kinds of matter
I can: give a difference between the states of matter
I can: give a similarity between the states of matter


1.  Go over the topic 1 worksheet.
2.  Discuss the properties of matter
3.  Discuss the changes of states
4.  Discuss the particle model of Matter


1.  We will be going into the lab to review
2.  Kahoot reviw of changes of states and properties of matter
3. Assign Google Classroom Assignment on Matter.  Complete this questionnaire.


Today we are:  reviewing the 3 states of matter and learning how to classify them
I will: review properties of solid, liquid or gas.  I will review how matter can vary in shape, volume and compressibility.
I will: learn about how matter is classified.
I can: identify matter based on it's properties of shape, volume and compressibility
I can: state the classifications of matter

1.  Lets Review.  All Matter is:

2.  Lets Review.  Each state has properties related to shape, volume and compressibility.  We will do this as a class.

3.  Lets Review.  All matter can change states:

4.  Let's look at how we classify matter.

5.  Here are some helpful links.  link 1,  link 2, link 3

6.  Work on the Topic 2 Worksheet.


Today we are:  Doing a lab on the classification of matter
I will: see examples of the different classifications of matter
I will: label my examples
I can: identify matter based on it's classification

1.  Lets go into the lab and see some examples of the different classification of matter.

2.  Using evernote, please label your examples.


Today we are:  looking at how temperature affects mixtures.
I will: see how hot and cold temperatures affect mixing of solutions
I will: create a lab report of my data
I can: explain the effects of hot and cold temperatures on solutions
I can: work collaboratively on a document

1.  Lets get in our lab groups and go over what we are doing.

2.  Off to the lab to complete our activity.

3.  Go to google drive and make a copy of this document.  Click file --> make a copy.  Share it with only your group members.  You will need their google drive email addresses.

4.  As a group, complete the lab.  You need to just do the parts labelled in RED.

5.  Share the copied document back to me.  Use my email on the bo


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