Sunday, October 18, 2015

Math 10C: Week 8 - Exponent Laws and Exam

This week we are: Learning about exponent laws when negative value are applied
This week we are: Assessing our understanding of chapter 2
I will: simplify rational exponent equations
I will: apply negative values to rational exponents
I will: demonstrate my understanding of Chapter 2 concepts
I can: define rational and irrational numbers
I can: factor a number
I can: define and calculate both GCF and LCM
I can: define the parts of a radical
I can: solve perfect squares and perfect cubes
I can: move back and forth between radicals and mixed radicals
I can: apply exponent laws to expanded rational exponents to simplify the expression.

1.  Review on  Exponent Laws I
2.  Introduce Exponent Laws II
3.  Assign classwork on Exponent Laws II

1.  Formative assessment on Exponent Laws II
2.  Review sheet and discussion on all topics for Chapter 2
3.  Handout Review Assignment.

1.  Go over review assignment.
2.  Check for understanding and address any concerns or issues prior to exam.
3.  Kahoot to review.

1.   Chapter Exam.


Sub Day.
1.  Introduction of Chapter 3.  Polynomials
2.  Watch an episode of Numb3rs.


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