Monday, October 26, 2015

Math 10C: Week 9 - Math All Polynomials this week.

This week we are: Working on our understanding of polynomials and their factors

I will: multiply binomials and trinomials
I will: factor binomials and trinomials

I can: multiply binomials and trinomials
I can: factor binomials and trinomials

1.  Review unit exam.
2.  Review multiplying/expanding binomials and trinomials

3.  Lesson on factoring binomials and trinomials

1.  Formative Assessment multiplying/expanding & factoring binomials and trinomials
2.  Factoring Polynomials Lesson

1.  Today we are factoring polynomials that have numerical values in the front and end.

This class will be occupied mostly by awards assembly.
1.  We will review how to do both methods of trinomial factoring
2.  We will review the content that will be on the quiz tomorrow.

Quiz Day!


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