Monday, November 16, 2015

Math 10C: Week 11 - Math 10 Functions & Relations

This week we are: Working on our understanding of relations, functions & graphing

I will: define functions & relations
I will: express functions and relations in different ways
I will: express domain & range in different ways

I can: differentiate functions and relations
I can: express functions and relations and data tables, graphs, number sets and arrow diagrams.
I can: express domain and range in at least 3 different ways; 


1. Introduction of functions and relations
2. Explain the different forms of expressing functions and relations [arrow diagram, data table, ordered pairs, sentence], 
3. Link the different forms to x,y values for simplicity
4. Practice using workbook


1.  Formative assessment 4.1 on functions and relations
2.  Introduction of Domain and Range.  Relate domain and range to question and answer or variables {MIX and DRY}
3.  Apply domain and range to the different forms [arrow diagram, data table, ordered pairs, sentence], 
4. Practice using workbook

1.  Formative Assessment 4.2 on Domain and Range
2. Introduction of domain and range, function and relations to graphical interpretations
3. Practice using workbook and extra handouts.

1.  We will complete the formative assessment on graphical interpretation, 4.3
2.  We will look at kahoot as a review for the quiz on monday


Flex Friday


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