Monday, November 30, 2015

Math 10C: Week 13 - Chapter 4 Exam, Linear Equation, slope of a line, slope - intercept, slope point form

This week we are: Working on our understanding of function notation and intercepts

I will: express functions as an equation
I will: determine values for functions using the equation
I will: define values as intercepts on function graphs

I can: calculate values for function equations
I can: differentiate between known values such as f(3) vs f(x)=3
I can: label and define both x and y intercepts


1.  Exam on Chapter 4


1.  We will introduce Chapter 5 and the slope of a line
2.  In the second class, we will continue and go over the slope-intercept for the the equation.
3.  Students can work on both sections in their workbook.


1.  Formative assessment 5.1 and 5.2 today, the slope of a line and slope-intercept form.
2.  Students can look ahead if done early [gone to dentist appointment]

1.  We will go over slope-point form of linear equations
3.  Students can work on this section in their workbook.


1.  Formative Assessment 5.3 on Slope Point form
2. Review topics 5.1-5.3 for quiz on Monday
3. Practice using Kahoot for quiz on Monday


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