Monday, November 23, 2015

Math 10C: Week 12 - Math 10 Quiz, Function Notation & Intercepts

This week we are: Working on our understanding of function notation and intercepts

I will: express functions as an equation
I will: determine values for functions using the equation
I will: define values as intercepts on function graphs

I can: calculate values for function equations
I can: differentiate between known values such as f(3) vs f(x)=3
I can: label and define both x and y intercepts


1.  Today we will be having a quiz on functions/relations and range/domain
2.  If done on time, we will start Tuesdays Lesson Early


1.  We will go over Function notation and equations in the the from of slope-intercept
2.  Have students work on handouts for function notation.


1.  Formative assessment 4.3 on Function notation
2.  Go over x-y intercepts on a graph
3.  Have students work in workbook and handouts for intercpts

1.  Formative assessment 4.4 on X-Y intercpets
2. Handout Review Assignment
3.  Students can work on  review assignment.


1.  We will look at kahoot as a review for the test on monday.
2.  When done, students can work on review assignment.


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