Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Science 8: Topic 1: World of Water

Today we are: learning about water on our planet
I will: answer as much water trivia as I can in 10 minutes.
I can: use the internet to find my answers.

1.  Let's finish our hydraulic claw activity.

2.  Now answer as many of these questions as you can in 10 minutes.

Using your textbook and the Internet try to find the answers to all the questions below.

Bodies of Water

1.             Name the five major oceans.
2.             Name three seas.
3.             Which oceans are found in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere?
4.             Name Canada’s five Great Lakes.
5.             Name two major Canadian rivers.
6.             What fraction of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans?
7.             What percentage of all the water on Earth is found in the oceans?
(a)          After the oceans, where is the next largest reserve of water found?
(b)         Does this reserve contain salt water of fresh water?



1.             What percentage of the world is covered by water or ice?
2.             What percentage of the world's water is readily available for human use?
3.             What is the world's driest inhabited continent, has the least runoff and is 70% desert?
4.             What percentage of household water do we drink?
5.             How much water on average, do washing machines use per wash?
6.             How much water is flushed down a household toilet each day?
7.             How much water is wasted per day by a dripping tap?


Random Other

1.      What is the largest lake in the world?
2.      What is the largest lake in South America?
3.      What is the longest river in the world?
4.      In what ocean can Iceland be found?
5.      What country contains the Ural, Yenisei, and Lena rivers?
6.      Into what body of water does the Rio Grande (between the U.S. and Mexico) flow?
7.      What do Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and Lake Nassar all have in common?
8.      What is the highest waterfall in the world?
9.      What is the largest lake completely within the boundaries of the United States?
10.   What ocean contains the deepest trench on Earth?
11.   The largest fresh water lake in the world is?
12.   What is the largest natural lake found in Africa?
13.   What is the highest (above sea level) lake in the world?
14.   What is the largest natural lake located completely within the continental USA?
15.   What ocean has the greatest depth?
16.   What is the largest natural lake located entirely within Canada?
17.   What is the name of the waterfall world famous for its height?
18.   What is the lowest (below sea level) lake in the world?
19.   Which of the Great Lakes is entirely within US territory?


3.  Now lets have a look at our planet of water.
  - first aboard io
  - now bbc

4.  Please complete the first part of the topic 1&2 sheet.


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