Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brick Animation 09: Filming

Today we are: filming!  Yahoo!
I will: start my masterpiece.
I can: setup my set
I can: take a correct picture
I can: setup the correct lighting

Alright.  Now is the time to start filming.  You will need to:

1.  Pick a location where you can keep your set, lighting and LEGO stationary.
2.  Select a backdrop.  You can use a picture, paper from the libary, etc.
3.  Create your set and characters out of LEGO
4.  Setup your lighting.
5.  Start taking pictures!  Try to film as much as you can for a scene in one day.  Remember to use freeze frames for dialog and recycle shots to produce a repetitive motion.
6.  Good Luck!


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