Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Science 8: Topic 3: Fresh Water of the World

Today we are: learning about water on our planet
I will: answer as much water trivia as I can in 10 minutes.
I can: use the internet to find my answers.

1.  Let's Quickly Review Glaciers.

2.  Now lets look at freshwater examples here.

3.  Now it's your turn.  Find a river preferably one in Alberta.  If you cannot think of one in Alberta, then you can look for one in Canada.  Include the following as a minimum.

i.  Location, length/size (drainage basin), origin (headwater), destination (outflow)

you can include

ii. history and usage
iii. flora and fauna
iv. recreation
v. map & pictures

4.  Use keynote, google slides or some other presentation software (please approve with Mr. I first)

5.  If you finish, you can start working on your topic 3&4 handout or finish your topic 1&2 handout.


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