Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 4: Zipline, Cave Tubing and Jungle Hike

Today was the action packed day filled with most of the adventure part of our trip.  We started off with a jungle hike through peccary hills park.  Our guide showed us how to live off the land and we were eager to participate.

After the hike we headed to another area to hit the zip line.  After a short therapy session we had everyone convinced and we hit the cable.  It was a blast and smiling faces were abundant

Next it was off to do the cave tubing.  We were all hot so the water was a refreshing idea at this point in the day.  Well the water was definitely cool and refreshing!  The cave was also a pretty awesome feature too.

Well  that's it for today.  Tomorrow we are off to see some more Mayan ruins and visit a local school.  Should be another great day in paradise.


Evan says: can we go to the ruins too? I love you dad - bye!

Thanks Mark for the updates and pictures, it looks like all of you are having fun.

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