Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 7: Swimming with Sharks & Rays

Today was our big water day and the day I was most looking forward too.  For land lovers like us Albertans, this was a chance to get our feet wet and see what the ocean is really about.  I loved every minute of it and I think the girls did to.  You can ask them when they get home in a couple of days.  Almost done!  A combination of happy and sad I suspect.  Well, to highlight what it was like, here are some pictures of the day.

I think for a lot of the girls, the turtles were their favorite animal to see.

I personally liked the rays.  You could swim up and touch them!  They felt like slimy rubber.

Notice the goggle marks?  Sweet eh?

One of the many corral species we saw.

Look still smiling after a week with 7 women!
Can you see the shark?
Well that is it for today.  I'm off now to check on the pink lobsters that I'm sure have formed since I last checked on the girls.  Cross you fingers they listened and put more sun screen on!


You deserve a medal for surviving with 7 women and yes you are still smiling. I didn't expect anything less. Well done.

Awesome cannot wait to hear their stories. Thanks Mark.

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