Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 26: Physics - EMR and Light

This week we are: Learning about EMR, light and its properties
I will be able to explain refraction of light and lenses
I will be able to explain dispersion, diffraction and interference patterns in light.
I will be able to explain polarization of light
I can explain images from convex and concave lenses
I can calculate the image location, magnification and focal point for different lenses
I can calculate the critical angle for refraction
I can explain dispersion, diffraction and interference patterns qualitatively
I can describe the quantum model of light
I can explain the photoelectric effect
I can  calculate the work function from a graphical representation.

1.  Today we will discuss our field trip to the University.
2.  Go over likes/dislikes from the field trip.
3.  Go over Let's DO science for next week.
4.  Notes 28 & 29 

1.  Review lenses and discuss quiz for Thursday
2.  Notes 30 & 31
3.  Lab demo for dispersion, diffraction and interference patterns.
4.  Lab activity - calculate the focal point and magnification of convex lenses

1.  Introduction to quantum theory, notes 32

1.  Quiz on Light Notes 22-31
2.  Discussion on photoelectric effect.
3.  Go over Notes 33&34

1.  Go over an example of the photoelectric effect/work function graph and the calculations.
2.  Assign practice work for photoelectric effect.


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