Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 8: Free Day to Play

Today was our free day or translated for our girls "shopping"!  Not sure how much money they are bringing back, but they sure found a lot of stuff.  I was even tricked by fancy marketing and bought some shirts for my boys!

Here are some crazy cats!  Notice the boy they picked up?  Brave soul for shopping with us.

Cacao pods, or for the rest of you.  Chocolate!

One last pose before we leave!
Shirts for my boys
After shopping we had a nice supper with some great entertainment.  The waiters showed the girls a bunch of tricks that probably resulted in the most learning for the entire trip.
I'm not sure Evelyn knows exactly what she's holding !?!
Tomorrow we pack up and are traveling by 5:30.  I probably won't post much, but I might have some time in Houston, depending on customs.  Cross your fingers it goes smoothly!

Good by Belize.  You were unbelizeable!


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