Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sci8 - Matter: Topic 2 Classifying Matter

Today we are:  reviewing the 3 states of matter and learning how to classify them
I will: review properties of solid, liquid or gas.  I will review how matter can vary in shape, volume and compressibility.
I will: learn about how matter is classified.
I can: identify matter based on it's properties of shape, volume and compressibility
I can: state the classifications of matter

1.  Lets Review.  All Matter is:

2.  Lets Review.  Each state has properties related to shape, volume and compressibility.  We will do this as a class.

3.  Lets Review.  All matter can change states:

4.  Let's look at how we classify matter.

5.  Here are some helpful links.  link 1,  link 2, link 3

6.  Make some notes on matter categories like the diagram above.  Include;
       i.  a diagram 
       ii.  a short description on each; elements, compounds, homogeneous and heterogeneous.


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