Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 4: Physics Quiz on Velocity & the Velocity 5

This week we are:  reviewing velocity time graphs, quizzing this material and introducing the 5 velocity equations.
I will: calculate or interpret values from a velocity or displacement/time graphs.
I will: review how to do velocity calculations.
I will: learn about the derived equations for velocity
I cancalculate velocity using the basic formula
I canrelate the motion of an object based on its velocity or displacement time graph
I cancalculate velocity from a displacement time graph or acceleration from a velocity time graph
I can: understand how the 5 equations are derived from the graphs.

1.  Lesson 10
2.  Review Graphing HW
3.  Assign Acceleration HW

1. Review acceleration HW
2. Review for quiz

1.  Formative Assessment on Velocity and the Graphs
2.  Lesson 11.  Introduce the 5 derived equations

1.  Flex Friday


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