Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 5: Math, Trigonometry & Exam Prep

This week we are: Completing Trigonometry
This week we are: Preparing for the 1st Chapter Test
I will: demonstrate my understanding of Trigonometry (Ratios/Angles/Sides)
I will: review my understanding of metric and imperial conversions
I will: review my understanding of SA & Volume
I can: calculate surface area of different geometric shapes
I can: calculate volume of different geometric shapes
I can: determine the any angle and side of a triangle
I can: determine the angle or side for for two triangle systems.

1.  Formative Assessment on Trig Ratios.
2.  Review Trig (ratios), Trig (angles)
3.  Introduce Trig (Angle/ 1 side)

1. Formative Assessment on Trig angles
2. Trigonometry (Angle/ 1 side) examples
3.  Assign examples 3/4 for practice

1.  Trigonometry review (Angle/ 1 side)
2.  (Athletics Silage Activity)

1.   Trigonometry (multiple triangles / 2 Trig examples)
2.   Assign examples 5&6
2.   Review Activity for Chapter Exam

1.  Formative Assessment on Trig (Angle/ 1 side)
2.  Question / Flex day for exam on Tuesday.


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