Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 2 Physics Intro & Velocity

This week we are: Covering the Introductory Math and Velocity
I will: review the basic math skills as well as vectors and scalar values for distance, time and speed
I can: do math related to physics
I can: differentiate between scalar and vector
I can: calculate velocity using the basic formula

1.  Formative Assessment for Math skills
2.  Lesson 6 - Formula Manipulation
3.  Scientific Variables & Graphing - Introduction

1. Formative Assessment
2. Go over Monday Work
3. Lesson 7 - Introduction of Vector and Scalar quantities
4. HW for Lesson 7

1.  Quiz - Math Skills
2.  Go over HW on Lesson 7
3.  Introduce velocity calculations

1.  Formative Assessment on Vector/Scalar
2.  Work velocity calculations

1.  Formative Assessment on velocity calculations


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