Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 3: Physics Vector Lab and Velocity

This week we are: doing a vector lab, reviewing Velocity and introducing velocity time graphs
I will: calculate both the displacement and distance to different points around the school
I will: review how to do velocity calculations.
I will: learn about velocity/time graphs.
I can: differentiate between scalar and vector in a lab setting
I can: calculate velocity using the basic formula
I can: relate the motion of an object based on its velocity time graph

1.  Vector Lab

1. Review velocity HW
2. Hand in Lab work and HW.

1.  Introduce Lesson 8, velocity/time graphs
2.  Class work demonstrating formula work
3.  Discussion on Formula work expectations.
4.  Review Lab and velocity HW

1.  Formative Assessment on velocity
2.  Review & HW for velocity/time graphs

1.  Lesson 9


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