Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 5: Physics Quiz on Velocity & the Velocity 5

This week we are: quizzing velocity/displacement graphs, working with the 5 velocity equations.
I will: calculate or interpret values from a velocity or displacement/time graphs.
I will: do velocity calculations using 5 different equations
I will: learn about gravity and it's relation to velocity and displacement
I cancalculate velocity using the 5 formulas
I canrelate the motion of an object based on its velocity or displacement time graph
I can: explain gravity as a uniform acceleration regardless of velocity
I can: explain the historical understanding of gravity.

1.  Lesson 11:  The Derived equations (5)
2.  Derived HW questions

1. Quiz on Velocity/Displacment Graphs
2. Introduce Lesson 12: Gravity

1.  Formative Assessment on the Derived Equations
2.  Lesson 12.  Gravity cont.

1.  HW on Gravity (gone off-site)


1.  Review Gravity
2.  Lesson 13. 1D vectors (review for 2D vectors)


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