Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 5: Science 8 - Skills quiz & Introduction of Matter & Mixture

This week we are: Reviewing States of Matter and Classification of Matter
I will: complete the topic 1 and 2 questionnaires.
I can: do metric conversion
I can: work with experimental variables
I can: construct a graph and data table
I can: describe matter based on states and classification chart.

1.  Review States of Matter and Classification of Matter
2. Discuss the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.
3. Discuss expectations and preparations for the cleanup

1. Watch Bill Nye : Phases of Matter (Review Sci.7 & States of Matter)
2. Complete the questionnaires on States of Matter and Classification of Matter
3. Catch up on incomplete notes (as required)

1.  Review expectations and preparations for shoreline cleanup
2.  Assign activity for students who are not participating.
3.  (Silage Activity & Cross Country)  

1.  Review questionnaire results for Classification of Matter
2.  Introductions of Topic 2 - Solutions (endo/exothermic demo)
2.  Lab setup for Friday.

1.  Lab Activity - distillation of a sodium acetate solution


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