Monday, September 21, 2015

Math 10C: Week 4 - Trigonometry

This week we are: Introducing Trigonometry
I will: demonstrate my understanding of Trigonometry (Ratios/Angles/Sides) 

I can: determine the angles and sides of a triangle
I can: determine the any angle and side of a triangle
I can: determine the angle or side for for two triangle systems.

1.  Formative Assessement on identifying sides
2.  Review and instruction on Trig Ratios
3.  Formative Assessement on Trig Ratios
4.  Assign Homework for Trig angles  Example 2 Trigonometry I

1. Formative Assessement 1.6 Trig sides & Ratios
2. Review on Trig angle calculations from Trig ratios
3. Instruction on side calcuations from angles.  Assign Ex 3-5 Trigonometry I


1.  Formative Assessment on Trig angles
2.  Lab activity - clinometer, linked to initial estimation activity.
3.  Revision to estimation activity - all units in metric.
4.  Handout for Chapter Review

1.  Formative Assessment on side calculations
2.  Revision to estimation activity - all units in metric.
3.  Handout for Chapter Review

1. Formative Assessment - Kahoot
? TBA - Terry Fox Run will happen at some point during this day.


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