Monday, September 28, 2015

Science 8: Week 5 - Science Skills, Field Trip and Matter & Mixtures

This week we are: Assessing the Introductory Material
I will: demonstrate my understanding of the basic science skills
I will: write down unknown vocabulary terms for unit 1
I can: pass the basic science skills quiz
I can: find and define unknown vocabulary terms.
I can: I can complete handout 1 on unit 1

1. Use of Chromebooks to Graph and Make Data Table
2. Work on mentos lab data and graph.
3. If done, start vocabulary for unit 1.

1.  Field Trip Day.  We are gone all day to St. Mary's Reservoir.
2.  We will learn about fossils, fresh water systems, and ecosystems.

1.  Quiz on Science Skills

1.  Matter and Mixture Introduction.  States of Matter. [video and lab activity]
2.  Handout 1 on Matter and Mixture - work on states of matter and changes in states of matter.

1. Kahoot on Vocabulary terms.

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