Monday, September 21, 2015

Science 7: Week 4 - Science Skills and Quiz Prep

This week we are: Assessing the Introductory Material
I will: demonstrate my understanding of the basic science skills
I will: create a graph and data table from an experiment
I can: demonstrate my understand of the introductory skills
I can: graph data from an experiment
I can: come up with a conclusion and generate new questions from a lab

1. Review of Experimental Variables.
2. Use of Chromebooks to Graph and Make Data Table
2. Graphing and data tables (chromebooks & ipads).  Submit Here.

1. Introduce google classroom.  If students haven't already, they should sign in and register for the class. [arfbnp]
2.  Using Google Classroom, students will generate a graph and data table in pairs.  They will generate data from their booklets or create their own survey and graph it.

1.  Assign graphing sheets from work booklet.
2.  Review for Quiz on Science Skills. 

1.  Review for Quiz on Science Skills. 
2.  Handout quiz Review

? TBA - Terry Fox Run will happen at some point during this day.

See Homework on Homework Page


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