Monday, September 21, 2015

Science 8: Week 4 - Science Skills - Last Week

This week we are: Assessing the Introductory Material
I will: demonstrate my understanding of the basic science skills
I will: create a graph and data table from an experiment
I can: demonstrate my understand of the introductory skills
I can: graph data from an experiment
I can: come up with a conclusion and generate new questions from a lab

1. Use of Chromebooks to Graph and Make Data Table
2. Graphing and data tables (chromebooks & ipads).  Submit Here.
3. Handout Field trip forms and watch video on plastic & birds
4.  Work on mentos lab data and graph.

1. Review for Quiz on Science Skills.
2.  Continue working on Lab data.  Share with me at so I can print it off for you.

1.  Review for Quiz on Science Skills.
2.  Handout quiz Review

1.  Quiz on Science Skills

? TBA - Terry Fox Run will happen at some point during this day.

See Homework on Homework Page


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