Monday, September 28, 2015

Math 10C: Week 5 - Trigonometry and Factoring

This week we are: Introducing Trigonometry
I will: demonstrate my understanding of Trigonometry (Ratios/Angles/Sides) 

I can: determine the angles and sides of a triangle
I can: determine the any angle and side of a triangle
I can: determine the angle or side for for two triangle systems.

1.  Review on Chapter 1
2.  Handout Results for students to review and complete pre-test assessment.

1. Summative Assessment Chapter 1
2. Assign Factoring Introduction.


1.  Hand back chapter 1 Exams.
2.  Handout Results for students to review and complete post-test assessment.
3.  Go over numbers, focusing on rational and irrational numbers

1.  Formative Assessment  2.1 Rational and Irrational numbers
2.  Lesson introduction on factoring
3. Factoring, LCM and GCF

1.  Review activity on Kahoot for factoring.


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