Monday, September 14, 2015

Science 8: Week 3 - Science Skills

This week we are: Covering the Introductory Material
I will: review the basic science skills
I can: work with experimental variables
I can: construct a graph and data table

1.  Review the Candle Lab.  Go over variables, manipulated, responding, controlled.  See handout for more information.
2. Experimental Design, Like a Recipe.  Handout on how to do a lab write-up.  Work together to design the mentos lab.
3.  Introduce google classroom.  IF students haven't already, they should sign in and register for the class. [ingewc]

1.   Use of Chromebooks or iPads to Graph and produce data tables.
2.   graphing and data tables (chromebooks & ipads)
3.  Create a graph and data table.  Submit them to google classroom.

1.  Experiment Day!  Mentos Lab
2.  Any time left over will be to work on Lab.  You will need to calculate actual height and graph the data.

1.  Finish Data table and graphing Assignment.
2.  Work on Mentos Lab.  Calculate the height of each pop.  Here is a sample calculation if you missed my example in class.
3.  Start Lab Write-up

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