Monday, September 14, 2015

Math.10C: Week 3 - Volume & Quiz

This week we are: Working on our understanding of Volume and Shapes

I will: determine the volume of 3D shapes
I will: solve for a variable from the volume
I will: complete Pythagoras when required before solving for volume.

I can: calculate the volume of pyramids, cones, prisms and spheres
I can: calculate and missing variable from the above if given the volume
I can: determine when pythagoras is required or diameter needs to be converted to radius.


1.  Today we will complete our formative assessment on Volume and review the results.


1.  We will work on a review assignment to prepare for our quiz tomorrow.
2.  I will go over students formative assessments to prepare them for the quiz.


1.  We will have a summative assessment on conversions, surface area and volume.
2.  If time is available, we will introduce Trigonometry.

1.  We will introduce Trigonometry and the labeling of a right angle triangle.




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